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β€žthe spoken words are the signs of ideas in the soul and the written words are the signs of spoken words. just as the written signs are not the same for all people, the words are not the same for all people; but the ideas in speech, of which the words are the immediate signs, are the same for all people, and the objects of which these ideas are the images are the same everywhere.β€œ – aristotle

in this installation, the ai serves as a tool / medium that has its own character which correlates with the human being. the relationship which evokes through interaction between both of them, forms a new space of interpretations.
this space of interpretation, is absolute neutral and unambiguous from ai side and can just freely interpreted from the side of a human being. since the algorithm merely executes, analyzes and interprets what is made available to it and comprehend it to what it has learned, its evaluated as true or false by the human being.

this fact becomes concrete by manipulating the input through hanging mirrors, which are slightly moving and changing the seen input for the ai. thereby, regularly changing the output constantly seen through a monitor, the human being recognizes the manipulation as an error. the concrete function to interact with the ai becomes blurred for the human being, because it changes hidden through both, the moving mirrors and the physical position of the human being in the room.
the installation was transformed further into a second one (semiotic spaces two). because the question of semantic relations between ai and human came up during the process.
semiotic spaces one